Time, Talent & Treasure Renewal

All we have comes from God and it is a time to show our gratitude for all he has given us.  Please complete your Time & Talent sheet and your Treasure Commitment and place them in the collection basket before Thanksgiving Day.  The forms will be placed in a drawing for the reserved parking space at each church.  At each Mass on the First Weekend  of Advent, Father will draw from the returned sheets.  The winner for each Mass will be announced at the time of the drawing.  The time period for the parking space will be January 1, 2016 to June 30, 2016.  So if you turn in both sheets, you will have 2 chances to win the reserved parking space for winter and spring.  If you still need a renewal sheet, look for them in church or ask a staff person. Forms are also available on this website.

2015-16 Time & Talent Form

2015-16 Treasurer Form