Why do we do that? Catholic Life Explained

There’s a Saint for that!

Down through the ages, Catholics have invoked the saints for their prayers, even for everyday things.
It was a way of offering everything to God, through the saints’ prayers, even little things like losing your keys! Here are some “holy helpers”:

Airplane travelers, astronauts: St. Joseph of Cupertino miraculously levitated while at prayer.
Accountants, bankers: St. Matthew the Apostle was a dishonest tax collector until Christ called him to be an Apostle (Matthew 9:9).
Battle, soldiers, doctors, police: St. Michael the Archangel led the angels to victory against the Devil and his forces (Revelation 12:7-9).
Finding lost things: St. Anthony of Padua prayed and recovered his stolen prayer book.
Plagues, pestilence, sick people: St. Roch cared for victims of the plague in Italy.
Students, teachers, schools: St. Thomas Aquinas, once teased as “the Dumb Ox,” was actually one of the most brilliant scholars in the Church.

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