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Queenship of Mary

Question: Why do we have a feast for the Queenship of Mary?

Answer: For many of us, the language of kings and queens may seem like they belong to history or a medieval movie. Royalty have absolute authority over a kingdom and their subjects, a concept that is foreign to many of us today. While Jesus doesn’t rule a political kingdom, we honor and recognize him as the King of Kings, Lord of Heaven and Earth. To God alone belongs absolute authority over all of existence.

We may think of queens as the spouse of the king, but there is another key relationship: the king’s mother. In Biblical history, we see instances where the mother of the king is given due as a queen herself, complete with a throne! Mary’s guiding influence over her Son is seen most notably in the Wedding Feast at Cana. Mary is not Queen on her own merit. She is “full of grace” and “blessed” in “all ages” because of the reign of her Son.