Why do we do that? Catholic Life Explained

December 29, 2021

Question: What happens to a consecrated host if it accidentally falls to the ground?

Answer: This a very practical question because, as we all know, accidents happen, even during the most careful celebration of the liturgy. The short answer to this question is that nothing happens to the consecrated host. The Real Presence of Jesus remains in the consecrated host or any consecrated wine that might accidentally be spilled.

Another question we might ask is: How should the minsters respond if the Eucharist is dropped or spilled? If this happens, the priest, deacon, or extraordinary minister of holy Communion should immediately pick up the dropped host and consume it. If it is a case of the Precious Blood being spilled, the minister would use the purificator (and additional purificators if needed) to clean the spill and then the area should be reverently washed as soon as the Mass is over and the water poured into the sacrarium (a special sink that is located in church sacristies for reverently disposing of holy water, the water used to clean sacred vessels, etc.).