Why do we do that? Catholic Life Explained

At times, temptation seems so powerful that it is almost impossible to resist. How can I be stronger in my resolve to avoid sin and temptation?

The saints have written that every human person desires the good. In a sense, we don’t desire sin itself. Temptation is powerful because there is at least some bit of good in it. Even in the blackest of sin, there is something good that becomes twisted. We can look for good in sin when we feel it is lacking in our own life. When we lack true relational intimacy, it can be easy to turn to lust. When we lack confidence in God in our own lives, it can be easy to judge others or to grasp for control over situations. When we lack peace in the present moment, it can be easy to compete with others or to treat others poorly in our quest for success. 

Overcoming temptation isn’t just about repressing our sinful desires. If that’s all we do, they’ll just burst out someplace else! If there is a recurring temptation in your life, prayerfully consider why this is so appealing to you. Submit this to God and bring it to a wise person. And in the meantime, continue to resist temptation to sin. If we fail to choose God in small choices, we’re several steps down the road towards failing in larger ones. Pray for the grace to persevere!

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