Why Do We Do That? Catholic Life Explained

Why is the Easter season so long? And should we be doing something special for it?

You’ve probably noticed the priest continuing to wear white vestments at the Sunday liturgy. While we celebrated Christ’s resurrection several weeks ago, the Easter season extends fifty days – just over seven weeks – from Easter Sunday to Pentecost. For most of that time – about six weeks – Jesus is still with the disciples, teaching and encouraging them. The Easter season isn’t just a celebration of when Jesus is with us. At the Last Supper, Jesus promised to send an “advocate” or “counselor” when he left. At the Ascension, he directs the disciples to await “power from on high” – the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Ascension completes the paschal mystery, beginning with Jesus’ suffering and death and continuing in the resurrection. But the Holy Spirit ushers in a new era for the Church.

After spending weeks in prayer, fasting, and service during Lent, it may seem odd that we don’t widely have similar practices for Easter. That doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the season! Commit to taking moments of little joy throughout the weeks, like random acts of kindness towards others. Consider reading the Acts of the Apostles to learn more about the early Church or picking up an Easter devotional to pray with. He is still risen indeed!

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