Why do we do that? Catholic Life Explained

Second Sunday of Easter

When children grow up, they begin to doubt certain beliefs they had held as long as they could remember. Some of those beliefs stem from stories told to them by others to bring awe and wonderment to their childhood. Some are beliefs about how things work in the world, and some are concerning where they fit into that world. As children reach maturity, some beliefs will be verified and then held onto for the rest of their lives; other ideas will be cast aside for good, either because they have seen no evidence that attests to the truth of those beliefs or because others have convinced them through words or actions that those beliefs were in error.

A great sadness results when someone disbelieves the truth because they have seen no evidence to confirm it. Thomas had a chance to believe because he saw Jesus and touched his scars. But there are people all around us who only see injustice, pain, and sorrow, and Jesus is nowhere to be found. Where are those who bear the name of Christian? Perhaps this Easter season, God is calling you to show the real Jesus Christ to others so they may believe.