Why do we do that? Catholic Life Explained

I was always fascinated by Mary and have had a devotion to her for many years. Why does Mary have so many titles? Isn’t Mother of God enough?

We all have many different roles to play, and each title we have is based on a relationship. For instance, a person might be a daughter, mother, wife, cousin, niece, employer, boss, friend, sponsor, and customer all in the same day! Our titles identify who we are at a given moment.

Mary is the same way. Certainly Mother of God is her greatest title. Because of her trust in God and in the message of the angel, Jesus was born, becoming one of us. But all of Mary’s titles are important. Each title highlights an aspect of her unique relationship with Jesus, with the Church, and with each of us. She is wife, mother, intercessor, patroness, mediatrix, God-bearer, and a host of other roles. Sometimes her title is one given by a local community of faith. Other times, the universal church gives her a title that all recognize. Above all, it is her faith and her willingness to say yes to God’s plan that places her in a special place of honor among believers. In her humanity, she shows us how we, too, will be filled with grace, as we say yes to the Lord’s plan for us. We believe that what happens to Mary will happen to us. She is our model, our mother in faith.

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