Why do we do that? Catholic Traditions Explained

If Jesus destroyed sin, why are sins still with us?

We are the children of God, heirs of the Father’s business, which is life. The struggle is between good and evil and the greatest weapon of evil is death. It is final, the end of hope and all possibility of change. Jesus must destroy death so that life, eternal life, might be possible. That is why Jesus dies: to take on sin’s weapon and destroy it by his resurrection. It was not simply to satisfy God’s sense of justice, but to meet sin on its own terms and defeat it. If sin triumphs in the death of Jesus, it is only for a moment. The final word will yet be spoken.

Since we are heirs and coworkers with God, ours is the struggle with the remnants of evil, its last desperate attempt to overcome good. Like Jesus, we are about the Father’s business in our daily life, carrying the message of salvation to everyone. We are strengthened in our struggle and come to realize the great gift of life with which we are graced. It is our hope that one day we will rejoice with the Father in a job well done!
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