Why do we do that? Catholic traditions explained

Question: There seems to be a lot of division in some Christian churches over moral issues, especially abortion, ordination, and end-of-life care.  If all Christians follow the Gospel of Jesus, why is there such a difference of opinion?

 Answer: There is always a struggle between culture and religion, and part of that struggle is politics.  To be politically correct means that you must embrace the secular virtue of the moment so that you are “enlightened,” “sensitive,” “aware,” and, most importantly, “open-minded.”  Unfortunately, common sense can be sacrificed in the race to be “PC.”

Some factions within Christian denominations have tried to redefine tradition, history, and biblical teaching to bend it around the politically correct religious thinking of the day.  On the life issues that you mention, there are those who began with their own conclusions and have tried to bend theology around their conclusions.  This is possible in part because of a lack of a central teaching authority and partly because society has become apathetic to these issues.  It will result in a lot of division, factions, and schisms.  The Gospel calls all believers to embrace the truth, to turn from sin, and to seek holiness and justice.  No matter how hard some may try, a square peg will not fit a round hole.  The camel cannot fit through the eye of the needle.

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