Family Faith Formation 2020-2021

End of Year Picnic
Our first hybrid Family Faith Formation session…

Using Zoom and one family, we were able to social distance and wear masks as needed. We invited our favorite storyteller, Susan, to join us as she reminded us of the covenants and promises we had studied this year. Our family joined in the telling of the story of Creation and Abraham & Isaac.  

Thank you to everyone for all of the beautiful, creative Easter cards! Our elder parish members will love them!
At our March 7th virtual class we sang a song with hand motions to remind us of the story of Jacob’s dream. 
The Story of Jesus’ Birth by Dahlia Brown
The Story of Jesus’ Birth by the Marsh Family
The Story of My Birth by Wilma Spaulding

I was born at St. Mary’s Hospital when it was still across from Deaconess Hospital close by the St. Anthony Church off Columbia Street now called Deaconess Midtown Hospital! I told the story of the three hospitals that were all close together before St. Mary’s moved to the new Ascension St. Vincent on Washington Avenue. And of course, Welborn Hospital is now closed down! Mother had to get to a hospital for all of us 5 kids because she would go into labor and almost immediately deliver a child!
She took whatever hospital she could get in during those days!

Advent Scavenger Hunt

Week 1 – Answers

Day 1 So, did you find your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth? BIBLE.

Day 2 Depends on what you learned.

Day 3 Depends on what happened to you.

Day 4 Evergreen – is ever green, everlasting – continuous life or the promise of everlasting life.

Day 5 Help with any number of foreign missions, Catholic Charities, Bread for the World, Catholic Relief Services all help around the world with many others. Many of the religious women’s groups in the diocese also do work around the world….Srs. of St. Benedict work in South America, the Daughters of Charity work in Africa.

Day 6 Depends on what you found.

Day 7 Depends on what you chose to do.

Week 2 – Answers

Day 8   Nicholas

Day 9  See the answer on our webpage.  Someone we know put together the answer for us!!

Day 10  Mary

Day 11  Flowers to present to the bishop

Day 12  2 purple

Day 13  Depends on what you chose to do

Day14  Depends on your answer.

You are invited!
During this Advent season, Family Faith Formation is completing an Advent Scavenger Hunt.
There is one item to complete/look for each day of Advent.
We invite you to join us in this Scavenger Hunt! Let us know how you are doing!
Download Advent Scavenger Hunt

Our theme this year is “I received from the Lord what I handed on to you.”  1 Corinthians 11:23
In our first session we talked about family and Church traditions. Please enjoy the videos below to see three of our Church traditions. Do you know their significance or origin?