Family Faith Formation 2021-2022


2022 Vacation Bible School
Tuesday, June 28 – Thursday June 30
Monumental– Celebration God’s Greatness
All Saints Parish will once again be joining
St. Boniface Parish on the St. Agnes Church/Westside
Catholic School Campus.
More Information to come!

Family Faith Formation…Learning more about the Prophets.
How did you all do with the matching activity in the March 20th bulletin? 

We begin learning about the prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures/Old Testament. 

First Communion Picture Review Game

We learn more about Deborah who was a prophet and judge.

Miss Terri teaches us about the church year.

Learning about the the celebration of the Day of the Dead and learning more about All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

Sandra teaches us about Dia de los Muertos.

We hear the story of God’s call of Moses in the burning bush.

Learning about Moses…Miriam shares her story of Moses…and Patron Saints…Janet shares the story of her Patron Saint…Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Family Faith Formation has begun! 
And, yes, you CAN still join us!

Our theme for Family Faith this year….
“Say the Word and My Soul Shall be Healed.” 
People reaching for God and God reaching for people. 
We can’t get there on our own.