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There is always a place for you at All Saints Parish.

New To All Saints?

Greetings on behalf of all of us at All Saints Parish! We are always happy to see new faces with us! We hope you find your time with us to be welcoming, prayerful, and spiritually nourishing.

Depending on which Mass you find yourself attending, you may notice a different feeling. Try all three Masses and see which you enjoy most!

Please take time to talk with one of the greeters, a member of our Parish Council or a member of the staff.

We’d love to meet you! – Sharon

Get Involved

Here at All Saints Parish, we offer several stewardship opportunities for all parishioners, young and old, to be involved in Parish life. Whether you would like to cook a meal, visit the elderly, join us in our justice ministries, pray for others, clean the church, or greet our parishioners at one of our weekend Masses. We offer opportunities for everyone to share their gifts and talents with others!

A safe PLace

Creating and Maintaining Safe Environments

As children are the most important gifts God has entrusted to us, the Diocese of Evansville is committed to safeguarding minors, which are persons under eighteen (18) years of age.

Promise to Protect - Pledge to Heal

Diocese of Evansville Safe Environment Program Policies & Procedures

Sunday Gospel Warm Up
Disciples with All Saints
ASP 1030 livestream
Virtual Mass Sunday

We are called to be a faith filled family, who acts justly, loves tenderly, forgives freely and walks humbly with our God.

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