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Sunday Gospel Warm-up

Live in Hope

Dec. 4, Mt 3:1-12

One of the themes of Advent is hope. We, who fumble around in the darkness of this world, look to Christ as our guiding light and Jesus has promised to be that for us always. Advent is our time to reconnect with that promise and live in the hope it offers. Our Gospel reading assures us that no matter how dark things might look, the light will continue to shine and only grow brighter.

Sunday Gospel Warm-up

Don’t Miss the Moment

Nov. 27, Luke 24:37-44

Jesus tells us this Sunday that our God is like a thief in the night, a sneaky God. He will enter our lives quietly and always as a surprise, so we have to be awake and ready or else we will miss the moment to our regret. This is the Advent message.

We need to prepare ourselves for Christ coming into our lives in new and exciting ways. For us not to miss this we have to attune our hearts with special effort through prayer and good deeds. To fail in this, is to miss out on the most important thing of our lives.

Sunday Gospel Warm-up

Christ the King

Nov. 20, Luke 23:35-43

Power! It’s all about power. Today in the Gospel we are given an image of ultimate power. The powers that be, the rulers, sneered at Jesus on the cross saying he saved others but can’t save himself. The soldiers, likewise, mock him saying if you are so powerful like a king, what are you doing dying on a cross. And finally, the guy to his side being executed with him in scorn berates Jesus to use his power to save the both of them. It’s the guy to his other side who gets it right, ultimate power resides in heaven. In the end, as we know and believe, the ultimate power won out. Out of love for us, Jesus placed his life in the hands of His Father in heaven and then assumes his place as King of the universe. The power of the universe is power of the cross. It is a complete surrender to love of God and others to the point of offering up our lives.

Sunday Gospel Warm-up

Times that test our souls

Nov. 13, Luke 21:5-19

Our Gospel reading this Sunday has ominous overtones. Jesus speaks of world cataclysm and of His disciples undergoing persecution. The passage was relevant to Luke’s time, but it is so true that dark times come upon each of us individually and at times collectively. And if we stand in God’s truth and goodness, we should expect evil to test us and even do us harm. Jesus’ challenge – are you prepared to respond as His disciple. To make those stands is probably one of most difficult experiences that a human being can go through. Do we go with the flow or stand alone or with the few as disciples of Jesus? We should always pray to have the grace and fortitude for those dark times.

Sunday Gospel Warmup

To See as God Sees

Nov. 6, Luke 20:27-38

God’s ways are not our ways. In today’s Gospel, Jesus is confronted by the Sadducees testing his viewpoint on heaven. They ask who will be husband to the seven-time widow in heaven. Jesus tells them heaven doesn’t work in the way they have in mind. In this, He is also challenging their authority on religious practice in this life. A childless widow in that culture was not only a tragedy, but she was believed to have done something seriously wrong against God to deserve such a fate. In their eyes, she would never have made it to heaven in the first place. Jesus’ response says God does not operate in the way humans have decided it to be, and what you should be doing is praying for wisdom and understanding to see the world more like God does. That message is as much relevant for us today as it was then.