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Sunday Warm-Up

July 3 Luke 10:1-12, 17-20

By the Grace of God

Jesus gives His disciples missionary credentials in this Sunday’s Gospel. They are to have no money, no shoes, no luggage, be unfriendly on the road, yet, the first house they enter they are to offer a blessing of peace. It is a rather strange set of instructions especially to our modern ears. Going out into the world in that manner would require a great trust that personal needs are going to be met and the mission a success and maybe that is the point. Few of us will go out as missionaries, but the essential thing is that we live and witness our faith totally dependent on the God’s Grace. Maybe the saying “But by the Grace of God, I am and I go” is our take home message this week.

Sunday Warm-up

June 26 Luke 9: 51-62 True Discipleship

Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem and the cross in this Sunday’s Gospel which gives rise to teachings on discipleship. We are given these short, pithy sayings like the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head, let the dead bury the dead, and anyone who looks back is not worthy of the Kingdom. The point is discipleship rests on keeping our focus on Jesus and walking with him inevitably to the cross. Divine love, our calling, always comes with a cross and sacrifice. The promise too is that this discipleship will always bring fullness of life and joy.

Sunday Warm-up

June 19 Luke 9:11-17 ~ With God All Things are Possible

We celebrate the Body and Blood of Christ this Sunday and appropriately our gospel is the account of Jesus feeding the hungry crowd. The heart of the message is that with faith there is always an abundance. Inevitably, the typical human response when a big challenge is encountered is ‘we just don’t have enough’. ‘We can’t do it.’ And in our personal life, how often have we heard ourselves say ‘I don’t have it in me.’ ‘I can’t.’ Jesus’ message to us is draw close to God and God will nourish your soul and bless your lives with abundance. When we gather around the Lord’s table on Sunday, the power of the universe is there hoping for the chance to bless us in big ways. All that is required is a little faith.

Sunday Warm Up

June 11 John 16:12-15 Holy Trinity

It is Holy Trinity Sunday. We celebrate that mystery declaring that God is one, but we experience God as three persons. The doctrine of the Holy Trinity declares that God created all, that God entered into His creation in Jesus, and God is forever an intimate and living presence in our lives. This is more than the human mind can fathom, but with faith, belief in the Triune God expresses our certainty that God has unquenchable love for us and is always near.  Tom Bogenschutz

Sunday Warm-Up

June 4 Pentecost

We celebrate Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit this Sunday. It was quite a dramatic moment in that upper room with the strong driving wind, tongues of fire, and these men suddenly speaking strange languages. We believe this same Spirit has entered our life and empowers us likewise, but where are the fireworks? We don’t see tongues of fire when we people are confirmed nor strange languages spoken. In the Jesus appearance story in the Gospel of Luke, Jesus appears to the two disciples on the way to Emmaus and afterwards they exclaim “Were not our hearts burning inside us as he talked to us.” Maybe the fire needs to begin there, in our hearts. If our hearts are set on fire, that spiritual flame will inevitably set the world on fire and things will become pretty dramatic. Tom Bogenschutz