Events Calendar

Stay informed about parish programs and events.  Here you will find information about events and programs that are provided and hosted by All Saints Catholic Parish of Evansville, Indiana.

CAJE Rally

Join us for Justice on April 15th. Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church Sign In 6:00 PM / Start 6:30 PM Network members gather at the Rally to build energy and momentum […]

Southern Justice Pilgrimage

Travel with us... All Saints Parish Justice Ministry will lead a pilgrimage to these southern cities to visit churches, landmarks, museums, and sites of the Civil Rights Movement.

Family Faith Formation

Family Faith Formation welcomes youth from Kindergarten through grade 8 and their families. We gather every other Sunday at the St. Anthony cafeteria for fellowship, prayer, scripture reflection and learning […]


Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday - Saint Joseph Church
4:00pm Mass
(3:30 pm Reconciliation)

Sunday - Saint Anthony Church
10:30am Mass
(10:00am Reconciliation)

5:00pm Praise Mass  

Weekday Mass Schedule

Tuesday - Saint Anthony Church
7am Mass

Thursday - Saint Anthony Church
7am Mass