Advent Reflections

December 6, 2022

Advent Symbolism

Advent and Christmas are full of beautiful imagery. Go over the following list with your family and complete a photo scavenger hunt along with it! (Bonus points if you post the photos and tag the parish!)

Purple: The primary color of Advent symbolizes preparation and sacrifice. In addition, purple is a symbol of nobility and reflects our anticipation that Jesus, the King of Kings, will return. Take a photo of something that represents nobility!

Pink: The third week of Advent utilizes a pink candle to represent our excitement at the approach of Christmas. The pink candle is also called the Candle of Joy. Take a picture of something that gives you joy! 😊

White: The white candle in the center of many Advent wreaths symbolizes Jesus as the Light of the World. Take a photo of something bright!

Candy Cane: This red and white candy is shaped intentionally like a shepherd’s staff, reminding us that Jesus, the Good Shepherd, came into our lives on Christmas. Take a selfie of you eating a candy cane!

Gingerbread Houses: Gingerbread treats don’t create themselves but are created by the work of our hands. This reminds us that God created each of us. Have a gingerbread house competition and take a photo of yours!

Breads and Pastries: Baked goods represent the many references to bread in Scripture, as well as the superabundance of God’s grace. Take a picture of your favorite kind of sandwich or cookie!

Christmas Carols: These songs remind us of the angels singing to announce the birth of Christ. “Glory to God in the highest!” We use song to express our highest emotions. Capture a video of you and your family singing a Christmas carol!