All Saints Children’s Choir

May 11, 2023

Childrens Choir

All Saints Children’s Choir formed in Fall 2021. The children have a role as part of the parish family.  They have been dedicating their time to practice and they take their role seriously while serving during Mass, using their angelic voices.  

During their participation in the choir the kids have the opportunity to meet new friends of their age and create community in God’s House.  The choir, no matter what their stage is, learn how to read music and how to use music to praise God.  These children represent All Saint’s future and the great leaders that God has lined up for his people.  

We invite all young people between the ages of 5 – 17 to join them. The Children’s Choir practices twice a month from 9 – 10 am on Sunday morning and sings at the 10:30am Mass once a month.