All Saints Parish Sweepstakes

September 21, 2022


All Saints Parish is offering the Sweepstakes and we know the tickets will go fast, so purchase yours today!

We will give away 30 prizes totaling $10,000 on November 6. We will again have the drawing virtual. Watch the Bulletin, APP, Website, and Facebook or call the Parish Office at 812.423.5209 to pick up your ticket today!

Sweepstake tickets are $100.00 each and only 200 tickets will be sold. You can download the ticket form below or call the Parish Office (812) 423-5209 for information. You will be able to view the drawing through our website, Facebook, and links on the App.

All 30 winners will be determined at the drawing on Sunday, November 6, 2022.

1ST Prize $2,500.00                            4TH – 12TH  Prize $300.00

2ND Prize   $400.00                           13TH –  21ST Prize $250.00

3RD Prize   $350.00                           22ND – 30TH Prize $200.00 

Thank you for your support and GOOD LUCK!

All Saints Parish Sweepstakes– License# 014366