CAJE Community Problems Assembly

November 15, 2023

Forty All Saints CAJE Network members attended the CAJE Community Problems assembly Monday night, November 13th at Holy Redeemer.

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This gathering of 213 was the largest in a number of years for the 27 congregations who make up CAJE.

Local leaders reported on the impact CAJE’s issue campaigns.

  • Southwestern Behavioral Health Care has started seeing families and dually diagnosed children and reported on the application and screening process. The new Diversion Center has been open part time
    for almost two weeks and has seen 7 people who would have landed in jail or the hospital.
  • Mayor Winnecke reported on affordable housing projects and indicated that 12.5 million is going into projects that will build or rehab affordable housing units.
  • The Gun Violence Initiative has reported amazing
    statistics for this year including fewer shots fired and significantly fewer deaths.

It was clear that the successes of these projects happened because CAJE asked the hard questions and the community especially Mayor Winnecke committed to solutions.

Network members voted on whether to make affordable housing, mental health and addiction or educational supports (tutoring and resources that help children succeed in school).

Educational Supports was selected as the major campaign for this year.

This is a brand new campaign and will need people to work on the research process. The CAJE Research Kickoff is December 4 th in the cafeteria at All Saints. Sign in is at 6:00 and the program starts at 6:30.
Consider attending if you have an interest in helping on this committee or want to hear more about how CAJE approaches learning about problems by interviewing key community leaders and learning
about what is currently available and finding solutions that have succeeded in other communities. Issue committees are charged with formulating the problem into something that is possible to change and
identifying who is in the community that can make these changes. Their work leads up to the questions that are put to community leaders at the Nehemiah Action.