CAJE Events: Join us For Justice

February 16, 2023

CAJE 2023 Rally Action
Members of our CAJE Community

CAJE Annual Rally

Tuesday, April 11 at 6:00pm

at Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church.

The Rally is the event where our justice ministries come together to receive updates on our issue campaigns.

What’s the problem?

What’s the solution?

What are we asking and of whom?

Hope to see you there!

CAJE Ticket 2023

Please feel free to contact your congregation’s team captain or myself if you have any questions! Visit our CAJE Ministry site or visit the CAJE website for more details.

1. Upcoming important dates:
Team & Network Meetings – Each congregation is hosting these meetings to plan for the upcoming rally and Action.  Check with your team leader or Yvonne to schedule a meeting or to ask when your meeting is scheduled.
Rally – Tuesday, April 11th  – Nazarene Missionary Baptist Church (867 E. Walnut St, Evansville) Sign in at 6 pm
Action – NOTE THIS IS A NEW DATE: Monday, May 1 – location tbd

2.  Issue Updates:
Evansville Diversion Center – City and County Councils have each agreed to $300,000 of ARPA funds toward the operation of the center. A new Executive Director has been hired for UCS so the process of hiring staff for the diversion center will begin soon.

Dual Diagnosis –  President of Southwestern Behavioral Health, Katy Adams, reports that the new center treatment center for dually diagnosed children has begun taking referrals and they are doing a “soft opening”.  As the center has professionals across many different disciplines they want to make sure that everything is running smoothly.  Katy expects the center to fully open by this spring!!

Affordable Housing – Monitoring underway to ensure that $5M of ARPA funds are allocated and used this year and $5M next year, as promised by the Mayor.

New Issue – Housing Conditions – Productive research meetings have been conducted with Evansville department of Metropolitan Development and Building Commissioners   More meetings are scheduled to identify
the solution on which we will take action.