CAJE July Update

July 1, 2023

All Saints hosted the 20th Anniversary Nehemiah Action on May 1st. All Saints CAJE Network members brought 108 of the 435 people who joined together to act for justice. The A-Men’s club turned out in large numbers to help with traffic control and parking with special shout outs to Jerome and Jeramiah Echele and Roger Rogge, Jim Tolen, both Jose Remirez Sr. and Jr. Sorry if not every man who helped is listed as you all did a good job.  Also, thanks to Sharon Vogler who taxied people from parking lots to the church.  Bonnie Wink, Machele Walker, Sandy Bruno, Vera Gilbert,  Ava Heidlinger, Karen Stewart, and Carol Wagner helped get people situated in the church and gym. Lee Ann Rauche took magnificent pictures. Welcoming the community to St. Anthony Church was made possible by your hard work.

With your support CAJE won commitments from Mayor Wennecke to commit to recommending $500,000 into the AHTF for the 2024 budget. As well as, allocating $10 million in  ARPA funds set aside for affordable housing and informing CAJE about how those monies will be spent by the end of this year. Zac Heronemus, Evansville City Council, indicated he would work towards forming a group to address ways to hold landlords responsible for providing safe housing. Va Cun, new director of the United Caring Shelter indicated they are looking for a program director for the crisis care unit and expect it to be operational 3-4 nights a week starting inthe fall.

Thirty of us gathered at St. Wendel for the CAJE Celebration. The group made contributions or pledges to support CAJE in its work for next year. If you have not yet invested in CAJE please send a check to CAJE at P.O. Box 18172 or go to and click on invest. Or, consider making a Qualified Charitable  Distribution from your IRA. Let CAJE know if there is a program that will match your investment. If you know of a business that might be interested in investing in CAJE contact Brenda Meyer. 

Finally, we are coming up on the start of a new justice cycle with CAJE. House Meetings will be offered in September and October. Please join us as we gather information about unmet needs or injustices in our community in preparation for the Community Problems Assembly in November.