October 23, 2023

All Saints CAJE House Meeting Results

All Saints CAJE Team Network Leaders (Janie Allen, Bonnie Wink, Jerome Echele, Tom Bogenschutz, Brenda Meyer and Kristi and Vince Wagner.) held 10 listening sessions to find out what keeps people up at night.

55 people attended and 46 committed to being CAJE Network Members. Remember, Network Members agree to attend the Nehemiah Action and bring 3 people with them, also attend the Community Problems Assembly, Rally, and consider investing in CAJE’s work at the Celebration in June.
Many issues were raised but often people talked about someone lacking affordable housing or living in unsafe conditions. Concerns were also voiced about mental health issues, children lacking parental guidance or support, safety issues in the community or a lack of infrastructure or good parks.

Save the date!

The CAJE Community Problems Assembly is Monday, November 13th at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church at 918 W. Mill Road.
Sign in at 6:00 and the program starts at 6:30. Learn the results of the concerns expressed at the various House Meetings held across the CAJE network of 27 congregations.
Come and vote on the issues that CAJE will focus on this year.