Call to Action for CAJE

February 16, 2023


CAJE Rally Tuesday
April 11th

Nehemiah ACTION
Monday, May 1

It is time to come together and make plans. We will meet February 26 th at 10:45 a.m. in the All-Saints Parish cafeteria to find out what the CAJE research committee has learned about housing conditions in Evansville.
Also, we will talk about who you are going to invite to attend the ACTION so that we can build a large assembly. We build our people power in order to press elected officials and decision makers of the need for action.

Please join us Sunday, February 26 after the 10:30 mass and learn more about the work of CAJE and how you can help. We will have some light refreshments.
If you have questions please ask any of our CAJE Team leaders: Jerome Echele, Bonnie Wink, Vincent and Kristi Wagner, Tom Bogenschutz or Brenda Meyer. Brenda can be reached at 812-457-5529 or