Creation Care Conference

February 11, 2023

The 2023 Tri-State Creation Care Conference  

Saturday, Feb. 25

9 am (CST) – Noon
at Aldersgate UMC,
5130 Lincoln Ave.,

Keynote:  Hearing the Cry of the Earth, in the Din of the Day-to-Day

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       by John Mundell, Vatican’s Global Director of the Laudato Si’ Action Platform

If not possible to attend in person, the keynote can be seen virtually.  For Zoom invite, click this link:  Virtual keynote registration

We are excited to host the Science AP students from Signature High School as one of our breakout sessions this year.  They will present on environmental problems in the Tri-State area and what can be done about them.  Each student will present an issue and then offer possible solutions to mitigate the problem.  These issues include biodiversity and invasive species, hazardous and industrial wastes, greenhouse gas, water pollution, habitat loss and harmful agricultural practices.  They will be the leaders for a better future.