Did you attend the Nehemiah Action?

May 13, 2022

Nehemiah Action 1

We Hope to Hear from You!

Your participation in sharing this information will help…

  • Your participation in sharing this information will help…
  • All Saints CAJE Team members Bonnie Wink, Jerome Echele, Kristi and Vincent Wagner and Tom Bogenschutz organize future CAJE activities.
  • us share the news of our justice ministry programs here at All Saints and in the community. 
  • Brenda Meyer, our new Justice Ministry Coordinator, understand who is active in justice.
  • us track our growth in justice participation for the Welborn Grant. 
  • us know how effective our networks were at getting people to act for Justice. 

For those who attended in person – we hope to hear from you too. Did you bring a friend(s)? Please share their names.  Also, Live streaming didn’t allow for any identification, so we have over 400 unidentified participants. This information will help us continue to grow our Justice Ministry Programs.

Thank you for completing the information!