Disciples on a Journey Together

February 13, 2024

Disciples on a Journey

Our Journey Together…

Come share what the Holy Spirit is saying to you about All Saints Parish…

All Saints Parish Synod

Synodality means that all the baptized and are equally responsible for the life and mission of the community and all are called to work in accordance with the law of mutual solidarity in respect of their specific ministries and charisms, inasmuch as every one of them finds his or her energy in the one Lord.        

International Theological Commission of the Vatican

During the time of our Church’s worldwide Synod, Fr. Jay challenged us with the following words in his homily. 

“We are now involved in a worldwide Synod.  “Synod” is a Greek word meaning “assembly.” Pope Francis is planning, it seems, that this will be a way of planning in the future.  A way of solving problems in the future. A way the Church grows and matures in the future if this all carries through.

The Spirit is speaking through us together.  Through the whole community, we will be able to speak the Spirit’s work, and we will be able to hear it and act upon it.  Pray that the spirit of the Synod will be strong.  That it will call on the Holy Spirit to speak its voice that we will be able to follow and do this in peace and good will.”

Please make it a priority to join us for our parish journey together to hear what the Holy Spirit is telling us…our parish synod.  Everyone’s thoughts and gifts and input are important as we learn the call of the Holy Spirit for All Saints Parish. 

Joy ~ Sharon Vogler, Pastoral Life Coordinator

All Saints SYNOD