Disciples on a Journey Together

March 18, 2024

Disciples on a Journey Together

What are your memories of Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter?

Did your family have special gatherings with each family bringing a special food dish to share?

Did you attend all of the Holy Week Services…oh what a long week?

When I was young, Holy Week was just LONG!  By the time I was in middle school, I had joined the church choir.  That gave me an entirely different perspective to Holy Week and Easter.  It gave me purpose and a way to participate.  Holy Week was still long, but I didn’t dread it any longer. 

Easter Sunday was a time to go to each grandparents’ home and share a meal with my extended family.  These times have given me wonderful memories. 

It is only a short week before we gather for Holy Week Services. It is my prayer that we as parish family and each of us with our friends and families may experience a special time.  May it be a time of renewed prayer and grace…a time for sharing old traditions or creating new traditions. 

Join us as we pray for ourselves, our parish family and community at our Forgiveness Services.

We will then gather for Palm Sunday Masses as we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. 

Holy Thursday evening we begin our prayer of the “three days.”  On Holy Thursday, we remember Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and the Lord’s Supper.  This time of prayer continues on Good Friday when we once again hear the passion story – Jesus’ suffering and death. On Holy Saturday, we bless the new fire, light and water.  We hear the scripture stories of our faith foundation, and we welcome our Candidate and Elect into our parish faith community.

Easter Sunday will bring us to the joy of Jesus’ resurrection!

Please join us for the next twelve days as we come together to ask forgiveness, remember, pray, give thanks, and rejoice!