Disciples on a Journey Together

June 28, 2023

Holy Orders at All Saints Evansville

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a conference on intergenerational ministry. I also attended this conference back in 2019. We began having Family Faith Formation be more intergenerational. I had been seeing it as a component, a piece of parish life.

One of the points I came away with this time was that intergenerational ministry/life in a parish is not an approach, it is a value that is held…a way of being parish family, not only at Mass, but in all the ways we are parish family.

We see the importance of all generations…we recognize that each generation holds some common beliefs and ideals that are different from other generations. I’ve personally heard many times from my parents, “When we were kids, we’d have never gotten away with that.” They were kids being raised by parents (my grandparents) who lived through and survived the Great Depression. Yes, their approach to life was different
because of the time in history that they grew up in.

The same is true for us today. I remember telling my uncle I’d NEVER use a computer (I’m not writing this on a typewriter.) I watch as two- and three-year-olds know how to use a smart phone or iPad.

Life changes and life is different based on what generation we are a part of. That is life. For me the importance and beauty of this is that, if I can get past judging the way people raise their children, or don’t recycle or decide what their priorities are…then I can see and live the beauty of all of us, God’s children, who are present together, for each other in this place in time at All Saints Parish.

Is it easy to understand the goals and ideals of people of other generations? Not always. Do I agree with them? Not always.

Does that make me right and them wrong? No. It is in the differences that we can grow and learn. For me, it means that I must learn to be more accepting, more patient, more compassionate. I have found that life can be filled with more joy when there are people of many generations coming together.

Thank you, God, for each of us! Sharon