Disciples on a Journey

April 20, 2023

Discernment of Parish Council members

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines discern as: “to detect with the eyes; to detect with senses other than vision; to recognize or identify as separate and distinct; to come to know or recognize mentally.”  I like these four definitions from Merriam-Webster.  I feel all of them together really define our discernment process. 

I always ask that each of us take time to discern nominations for the Parish Council.  We use the list of eligible members of the parish, look at the strengths/gifts needed, and pray with the Holy Spirit.  We then sit with the names the Holy Spirit has brought to our attention and consider what we know of an individual’s strengths/gifts.  With the Holy Spirit, we then decide if we want to nominate that individual.   

This year, we are looking for individuals who have the following strengths/gifts: look to the future, help develop plans of action, analyze details, continue to learn, understand actions/needs in context, make things move, communicate well, work toward harmony. 

There are three members of the Parish Council who are eligible to serve a second term.  They DO need to be nominated again to serve a second term.  These individuals are Kelly Snyder, Jose Ramirez and Bartell Berg. 

A reminder:

Nominees must be…

  • at least 18 years of age
  • have been a member of All Saints Parish for at least two years
  • active members (regularly come to Church for Mass and share their time, talent & treasure with All Saints Parish)
  • Catholic
  • able to attend meetings.

Submit nominations/names along with the gifts/strengths you see in the person(s).  Nominations are kept anonymous.  Nominations can put in the box at church, be emailed to Sharon at svogler@evdio.org, or given to Sharon at Mass.

For your convenience you may make a nomination online below.

Nominations will be taken until noon on Thursday, April 27th