Eucharistic Reflections

August 9, 2023

ThisIsMyBody 22i2 4c

“This is my body given for you.” (Luke22:19) …Awesome God
People reaching for God and God reaching for people.
We can’t get there on our own.

Does the Eucharistic Prayer ever seem to hold a different meaning? When does it seem to have more meaning than on a regular Sunday?

As you know, we recently had three funerals. At these funeral Masses, as I listened to the Eucharistic Prayer, I found it held a slightly different meaning for me. It was more personal as I put the life of Joe, Bob, and Bob into the prayer. Jesus’ love and sacrifice for them. The three of them now as part of the Communion of Saints. Their lives with their families and community and now in heaven.

This reminds me that the Eucharistic Prayer is not a static prayer. It is not just one of those prayers that we keep hearing at every Mass. It is a prayer that can be alive for me. How about you? ~Sharon