Eucharistic Reflections

August 3, 2022

As part of our participation in the Renewal, I will be sharing responses from members of the parish.   I hope you will enjoy reading their thoughts, be encouraged by their thoughts, and be challenged to look at how you see and live the Eucharist as part of your life.

1.  Why is it important to you to attend Mass? 
In all honesty, if there was no obligation, some weeks are so busy that going to Mass would fall far down on my to-do list. Sometimes it can feel difficult to squeeze the time into my schedule. But once I’m there, it’s a respite from all the busyness of life and the chaos of the world.

2.  What does it mean to you to receive the Eucharist/Body of Christ?
It means that Christ becomes part of me and accompanies me when I leave the sanctuary of Church; that He goes with me wherever I go.

3. How does receiving the Eucharist/Body of Christ help you, change you, challenge you? 
If He’s with me, that prompts me to stop and remind myself to consciously consider what He’d want when I’m faced with a choice or challenge. I am reminded that He always wants what’s best for me and for everyone else as well. My thoughts, words, and actions should be more intentional, not just impulsive. 

4.  How is your receiving the Eucharist/Body of Christ reflected in your life, shared with your world? 
I try to be compassionate and understanding, even when I’m not necessarily initially feeling it in the moment.
A small example: At the end of a long stressful day at work, I was tired, but a co-worker needed a ride home, so I helped out. Afterward, I felt like I did what God would’ve wanted. If it’s something I’m feeling helpless about, I remember the power of prayer.