Eucharistic Reflections

July 13, 2022

As part of our participation in the Renewal, I will be sharing responses from members of the parish. I hope you will enjoy reading their thoughts, be encouraged by their thoughts, and be challenged to look at how you see and live the Eucharist as part of your life.

From a Parishioner

  • Why is it important to you to attend Mass? When I attend Mass on Sunday it takes me back to a time of innocence when I was a child. No other feeling in the world.   
  • What does it mean to you to receive the Eucharist/Body of Christ? When I receive the Eucharist, it’s like I feel him entering me and the people of the church seem to also.  
  • How does receiving the Eucharist/Body of Christ help you, change you, challenge you? I feel the closeness of God and with that I want to obey Him. Although I know that I will never achieve perfection I know that I must keep trying.
  • How is your receiving the Eucharist/Body of Christ reflected in your life, shared with your world? I have always been proud of being Catholic and receiving the Sacraments. Hopefully it shines through on the things I do and the love that I hold for my friends and family.