GROWTH Meeting

June 26, 2024


Growth Meeting 6-12-24
Kelly shared with us today hope and the passion of our mission and we are not alone.
All Saints Growth Ministry was developed for our parish team.
Kelly mentioned most places answer the what, but they don’t address the why.
Each of us needs to find the why. If it meets our why we need to be going to our neighborhood association.
Star, Lamaso, Jacobsville, You get a full report of our neighborhood. Anyone that does kingdom work is invited to the table. It is pollical!

St. Anthony is in STAR

Star – Saint Anthony area revitalization Next meeting will be Aug 1st
I called and spoke with President: William “Bud” Goodsen, he is excited that we are interested in attending one of their meetings and going to put us on the agenda.
Thursday Aug 1st
Time: 6:00pm (usually first Thursday of the month)
Location: First Avenue Presbyterian Church
418 First Avenue
The why is the whole. The poor will always be with us.

A few resources that Kelly mentioned are below, she is going to share a list with us shortly.
· The library can also help.
· Family Dental
· Oak Street
· Hope of Evansville
· Community one
· Love your neighbor
· Welborn Baptist foundation -Eric
· Community one – Austin Maxheimer
The city hired a marketing director for Jacobsville. They walk now twice a week to learn about the community.
Kelly is here to support us and walk with us on our journey with what knowledge she has gained on her journey. Written leaders and the doers are very important to have those communications. We all serve the same people. We are all learning, and become stronger, what is needed. Let’s not recreate the wheel.Why – Jacobsville, community, wholeness, and ministry.
Sr. Jane Michelle McClure an icon in the Jacobsville community. Everyone gravitates toward the kingdom.

Background, third world missionary. 10 years in Haiti, survived the earth quake. Kelly and her husband were consultants. They have the training and skills to help people with their history. Kelly is here to listen and serve. Hope City Church works with 30 organizations. Kelly walks the streets and eats
in the park, so she can see the needs. We can carry a light and can shift the atmosphere.
Recommended books:
Toxic Charity – Where Charity Hurts – Everywhere you look –
Mayor new grant – Going forward
Hope City wants to be a part of CAJE!!!