Lent Reflections

April 1, 2023

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Let’s Walk Together This Holy Week!

What did Jesus do during His final week leading up to His Passion? Holy Week is the sacred time in which we remember and reflect on the final days of Christ’s life.

This Holy Week, walk as a family alongside Jesus during the final and most important moments in His life.

A Guide Through Holy Week


As a family, take a few minutes each day this Holy Week to read the summary of that day below. Click the day to read the entire Bible story. Then, use the color to complete the activity below.

Palm Sunday

The day Jesus enters Jerusalem and the crowds joyfully sing: “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” while waving palm branches.

Color green for the palm branches

Holy Monday

The day that Jesus cursed a fig tree outside the Jerusalem Temple. He then cleanses the Temple, overturning the money tables and exclaiming, “My house shall be called a house of prayer.” 

Color brown for the tables

Holy Tuesday

The next day, the apostles see that the fig tree Jesus had cursed has withered and died. Jesus then explains what this means.  

Color purple for the figs

Holy Wednesday

Also known as Spy Wednesday, this is the day in which Judas Iscariot betrays Jesus for thirty pieces of silver.

Color gray for the thirty pieces of silver Judas was given

Holy Thursday

The day of the Last Supper, when Jesus eats the Passover with His apostles and washes their feet.

Color blue for the washing of the feet

Good Friday

The day in which Jesus is condemned to death. He carries the Cross all the way to Calvary where He is crucified and dies for our sins.

Color red for the blood of Christ

Holy Saturday

The day in which Jesus’ body lays within the tomb and His soul descended into the realm of the dead, to bring the Gospel to all the righteous men and women who died before Him.

Color black for the darkness within the tomb

Download and print out this coloring sheet to celebrate each day of Holy Week! After reading the Bible story, color in the step and discuss as a family what happened that day. On Easter Sunday, hang it up and see the beautiful journey you took as a family!