Marian Educational Outreach

December 3, 2022

Thank You for supporting Marian Educational Outreac. Becasue of YOU we can keep supporting families like these

Marian Educational Outreach(MEO) is one of Our Community Partners at All Saints Parish and are Co-Sponsors of our Fall Festival booth. MEO serves students with disabilities in the Catholic Diocese of Evansville. MEO began as a single school, Marian Day School, and then expanded to programs at St. Theresa and Holy Spirit. Since then, the organization now serves resource programs across 26 schools who offer different levels of support. Each Catholic school is unique in their resources that they offer and Marian Educational Outreach supports them in expanding to make Catholic education possible for more families. We are celebrating 20 years as Marian Educational Outreach and 67 years since the doors of Marian Day School were open.

Marian Educational Outreach strives to support students with unique learning needs and works hard to give all families the chance for Catholic education. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Marian Educational Outreach wants to hear from YOU! If you have children who attend Diocesan schools, please take a few moments and provide feedback. Your time and investment is appreciated.