Pilgrimage to Mt. Vernon

October 23, 2022

october 23 Mt Vernon lynching memorial

Mt Vernon Indiana historical marker and bench dedication

Bonnie Wink, Rita Eades, Kathy Reitz, Bartell Berg, Brenda Meyer , Rich Couture and Emma Jean Couture witnessed the dedication of a new historical marker and bench on the courthouse grounds at Mt. Vernon, Indiana on October 23, 2022.

The ceremony makes us all aware of the events that occurred in October 1878 when 7 men were denied justice and murdered by  mob violence. A young 17 year old student , Sophie Kloppenburg, made this her research study and pressed for the men to be remembered, ultimately getting the County  Commissioners to approve a proper memorial.

It was remarkable that with little promotion people came forward to attest to this event and make it a part of our shared history. The crowd was too large to all fit into the room where speeches were made explaining the events and the importance of remembering. But all were able to participate in the outdoor portion.