Saints to Live By: Saint Andrew

November 16, 2022

St Andrew
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Saint Andrew was a fisherman in Galilee, along with his brother, Peter, when they were called by Jesus to leave their boat and become fishers of men. John’s Gospel also places him as a follower of John the Baptist before he came to be one of Jesus’ twelve Disciples. Beyond the scant references in the Gospels, not much is known of Saint Andrew’s life.

According to Christian tradition Saint Andrew, like many of his fellow Disciples, went out into Greece and Turkey to preach the Good News. A 4th century account of the saint’s life tells of his martyrdom by crucifixion in Patras. Medieval accounts describe the cross used as X-shaped because Andrew said he was not worthy to die on the same style of cross as Jesus.

Famously, Saint Andrew is the patron Saint of Scotland, the country’s flag bearing the X-shaped cross associated with him. Legends claim that the saint either traveled to Scotland to spread the Gospel or that his relics were brought there by St. Regulus who had a vision telling him to take the bones to the end of the earth. Regulus set out and was shipwrecked on the coast of Scotland. Today relics of St. Andrew which had been held by the Vatican are now at a shrine in Patras.