Saints to Live By: St. Joseph the Steward

December 31, 2022

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St. Joseph the Steward

Tracy Earl Welliver • Dec 23, 2022

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St. Joseph is one of the greatest examples of stewardship we have in the Gospels. Here is a man who understands care and reverence for the property of God, a man chosen to be steward over the very life and breath of God’s Son and Spouse.

Joseph was mindful. He recognized what belonged to God. When he understood that Mary was to be the mother of God, he was not jealous or bitter. He did not presume to claim ownership over her.

Joseph was prayerful. He accepted the opportunity to be in relationship with God, even if it was in a radical and unexpected way. How many of us would trust a crazy dream we have where an angel tells us our fiancée is carrying the Son of God? Well, those of us who are already profoundly connected to God through prayer. Joseph was open to receiving God, and so he was open to the truth in a way many of us would not have been.

Joseph was gracious. Even before he had full understanding of the situation, he was unwilling to expose Mary to shame. He did not give himself over to feelings of betrayal.

Joseph was committed. He persevered. The Lord had no shortage of strange and even dangerous-sounding tasks for Joseph, but he submitted to each one.

Joseph was accountable. When he awoke from his dream, “he did as the angel of the Lord had commanded him, and took his wife into his home.”

Joseph was a man entrusted with many gifts, and he gave of them wisely. Let us pray that we have the grace to follow in his example.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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