Sunday Gospel Warm-up

November 17, 2022

Christ the King

Nov. 20, Luke 23:35-43

B014Christmas Psalms20 EN Sq 4c

Power! It’s all about power. Today in the Gospel we are given an image of ultimate power. The powers that be, the rulers, sneered at Jesus on the cross saying he saved others but can’t save himself. The soldiers, likewise, mock him saying if you are so powerful like a king, what are you doing dying on a cross. And finally, the guy to his side being executed with him in scorn berates Jesus to use his power to save the both of them. It’s the guy to his other side who gets it right, ultimate power resides in heaven. In the end, as we know and believe, the ultimate power won out. Out of love for us, Jesus placed his life in the hands of His Father in heaven and then assumes his place as King of the universe. The power of the universe is power of the cross. It is a complete surrender to love of God and others to the point of offering up our lives.