Sunday Gospel Warm-up

December 13, 2022

Are You listening?

Dec. 18, Mt 1:18-24

StAugustine 20i2 4c

How do you know when God is sending you a message? Joseph in today’s Gospel gets the message from an angel through a dream. Joseph must have been attuned to listening to God or else he would have just rolled over and went back to sleep. It doesn’t seem as straight forward for us. Who of us can say we had visits from angels, or maybe, it could be a case that we are not as attuned as Joseph was. Maybe we could be receiving messages from angels all the time telling us to trust, to be generous in this particular instance, to offer that bit of kindness and patience. This last Sunday of Advent, the lesson is stay attuned to God or else you could miss those angel messages and Christ being born in your life in a new way.