Sunday Gospel Warm-up

December 29, 2022

True Faith

January 1

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We revere Mary as the Mother of God this Sunday, but it’s good for us to remember the circumstances by which she began this journey. Mary gave birth to Jesus in a stable and she had to wonder what kind of life she could offer this child. Her husband apparently had very little money and what little he did make was taxed heavily. They lived in a violent and turbulent time. The cards were stacked against this child as is often the case for those children born in abject poverty. When it comes down to it, faith is only real when it is truly tested. What we know about Jesus is that he grew to manhood in his town of Nazareth. Like his birth, his start in life we owe to the faith and perseverance of Mary and Joseph. This is true faith; to answer the call with trust and then to persevere and endure when it seems that all the odds are against you.