Sunday Gospel Warm-up

February 16, 2023

Divine Perfection

Feb. 19 Mat 5:38-48

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“Be as perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect”, that is Jesus’ message to us this weekend. Our immediate response naturally is, “Really Jesus, you really expect us to be on that level, not possible”.

Yet, that is the hope of Jesus, the hope of God, that we become divine, that we become children of God. And to do this, we must go far beyond than just being a good person. We must do things like not only respond without malice to those who would hurt us but love them and forgive them. That seems so far beyond our capability, and it is, but with God’s Grace all things become possible.

With faith, God can empower us to do what we cannot naturally do ourselves. Perfection is letting the love of God flow through and out of our being.