Sunday Gospel Warm-up

March 9, 2023

Remedy for Our Flaws

Mar. 12 John 4:5-42

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We have so many flaws. Our thinking is flawed and often our actions are marred by selfishness and ignorance. This becomes obvious in our relationships with family, co-workers, and all whom we have contact. It is true for us as individuals and within every group we associate.

This Sunday, we are given a long Gospel from John about the woman at the well. The woman obviously has her flaws, married five times and living unmarried with a sixth man. She also belongs to what every good Jew would consider to be an errant or flawed faith – the Samaritans. It’s her encounter with Jesus that changes the course of her future. Isolated before, she begins to bring others to belief in Jesus. She recognizes in Jesus the wisdom and truth of God.

The way out of our flawed life is the same path she chose – make Jesus the goal, the source, and focus for our lives.