Sunday Gospel Warm-Up

March 15, 2023

Now I See

Mar. 19 John 9:1-41

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We all are on this journey to understand and truly know our God as well as ourselves and others. Often metaphors or poetry is used to describe this journey or process.

John, in his Gospel, describes it as moving from darkness to the light or, in the case of today’s Gospel, from blindness to seeing. The blind man is healed of his physical blindness by Jesus, but more importantly he is freed of his soulful blindness to seeing Jesus as the source of life and the Son of God.

That’s our necessary journey as well. We are all blind in our unique way. We need the grace of Jesus to be healed of that blindness and to be able to stand in His light. Our prayer then always needs to be that of Bartimaeus, “Lord, I want to see”.