Sunday Gospel Warm-up

January 4, 2024



Mt 2:1-12

Once again, we hear the story of the three kings or Magi this Sunday. The symbolism of this event basically says that through this infant will come the wisdom that the whole world has been awaiting and seeking. Yet, this is just one theme of many that flows from this Gospel passage. It also speaks to the cruel and unjust world that Herod represents, that even the most innocent of this world, babies, become recipients of this undeserved cruelty.

Most important of all, this story is trying to convey to us that even in these most terrible and unjust situations, God is silently and gently working to bring about change.

There is hope.

Truth and justice have been given birth, therefore, do not despair but place confidence in God’s unfailing actions. When our lives and world are caught up in troubles, can we trust that God is already at work for good outcomes.