Sunday Gospel Warm-Up

February 29, 2024

CSR 09 12 Social 1

Standing in the Cauldron

John 2:13-25

We hear this Sunday the Gospel account of Jesus ridding the temple of its money racket. Rather than leading people to God and worship, the religious system had been reduced to a money generator for the religious authorities. In doing so, Jesus was sealing his fate. The authorities had to get rid of him. Jesus was not following some sick death wish, but what powered Him was an intense love of His Father and us. He was willing to stand in the cauldron and give his life to make it right for us.

We now know that nothing can stand between us and the love of God. The cross proves it. It is also a reassurance for us if we too should find ourselves with the same opportunity. We too, out of similar love for God and others, can stake it all for the betterment of everyone if we likewise embrace our own cross.