Sunday Gospel Warm-Up

March 14, 2024


The Seed Must Die

John 12:20-33

“Unless a grain of wheat falls…” Jesus this week teaches about one of the great truths of life. We hear that phrase “go for the gusto” in life. Gusto, in the world sense, often means bigger and better; bigger and better parties, better paying jobs, bigger circle of friends, and so on.

Jesus, however, is saying the only “big” thing in life that matters is what’s in our heart. Or as St. Paul puts it, if we can gain the whole world and do not have love, we have nothing.

What Jesus says is that when it comes to all those highly valued world things, less is better. With unconditional love, we will lose possessions, prestige, and power. Our ego need for those things must die and give way to a Christ-like love. In doing that, we gain everything that matters – fullness of life and endless joy.