Sunday Gospel Warm-Up

May 29, 2024


Mark 14:12-16, 22-26

Body and Blood of Christ

There’s much mystery in this Sunday’s Gospel. Jesus tells His disciples that for the Passover they are to meet a man carrying a jar of water and they are to follow Him. They will be led to an upper room that’s been set aside for them to celebrate the Passover. And in that Passover meal, Jesus strays from the Passover ritual and identifies Himself with the bread and wine.

No doubt the disciples had to wonder what was going on. This is likely an indication of how Grace works and the mystery of the Eucharist itself. Do we believe that Jesus is mysteriously present in the Mass and in the elements of bread and wine? Can we believe that Jesus is here with us, active in our lives, and bringing about our healing and holiness in so many mysterious ways.