Sunday Warm-up

June 15, 2022

June 19 Luke 9:11-17 ~ With God All Things are Possible

We celebrate the Body and Blood of Christ this Sunday and appropriately our gospel is the account of Jesus feeding the hungry crowd. The heart of the message is that with faith there is always an abundance. Inevitably, the typical human response when a big challenge is encountered is ‘we just don’t have enough’. ‘We can’t do it.’ And in our personal life, how often have we heard ourselves say ‘I don’t have it in me.’ ‘I can’t.’ Jesus’ message to us is draw close to God and God will nourish your soul and bless your lives with abundance. When we gather around the Lord’s table on Sunday, the power of the universe is there hoping for the chance to bless us in big ways. All that is required is a little faith.