Time to Check-In

April 6, 2022

How are your Lenten practices going? Are there any commitments that have been particularly meaningful for you this season? Can you see the good that God is doing in you and through you because of them?
Maybe your intention this Lent wasn’t to do anything more but to do less so that you could be more attentive to God’s invitations as they’ve come. Maybe God’s invitation to you has been to rest and simply be in God’s presence as Jesus was for those 40 days in the desert. Whatever you committed to doing or not doing, and how well you’ve been doing or not doing it, God is still at work in your heart. There are 11 more days of this seasonal journey and then the rest of your life to continue growing your spiritual life.
FOR REFLECTION: Spend a few minutes taking stock of your Lenten season so far. For what are you grateful?
TO PRAY: Jesus, thank you for walking with me this Lent. Open my eyes, ears, and heart to how you want to keep working in me and through me.