Be Like the Narnians

March 11, 2022

Because they considered and turned away from all the transgressions that they had committed, they shall surely live; they shall not die. —Ezekiel 18:28

There is a scene near the end of C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia book The Last Battle when the children who have come to Narnia see some creatures they thought were evil take Aslan’s side as their world is ending and they are saved. The children puzzle about this for a bit but then give up trying to understand why Aslan welcomes them after their terrible actions. It’s not too long until the children accept the other creatures into the heaven Aslan has created for them all.

The reading from Ezekiel today reminds me of that scene. “You say, ‘The Lord’s way is not fair!’” Ezekiel says. Haven’t all of us thought this at some point in our lives when we contemplate that God forgives and welcomes back a sinner? I love the Narnia scene because the children don’t argue with Aslan that it’s not fair that he saved those creatures. They leave the judging to Aslan because only Aslan can know their hearts. We would do well to follow those children’s example.

For Reflection: Do you usually feel more like a sinner who has a hard time believing God welcomes you back, more like a righteous person indignant that God welcomes sinners, or like the Narnian children who easily accept that God welcomes sinners?

To Pray: Lord, let me trust and accept that you stand ready to welcome back each and every one of us after we have sinned.